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Mothers I am so delighted to see how we have jumped right into excellent programming this year.  At the planning meeting last June, each age group came to the table with plans to take our programs and activities to the next level.  Well, mission accomplished!

Kudos to our STEAM chair Donee Thomas-Patterson and the hosting age group mothers for a well-executed activity in September.  Every child was engaged in learning and fun.  I was especially impressed with the CPR training for our Lords and Ladies.  Collaborating across committees to maximize every mother’s talent is something I am passionate about.  

Speaking of collaboration, how about our Legislative chair Veda Shamsid-Deen’s collaboration with programming and our Lords and Ladies?  

The SNAP to Action launch was phenomenal and the ongoing legislative advocacy by our children, youngest to oldest, is exciting. Kudos also to our teen legislative chair, Elijah Blige for his efforts to galvanize his peers on this initiative.  

I hope you are looking forward to our “Good To Great Getaway” in March.  The program committee along with our executive leaders are working hard to ensure that we have the perfect balance of work and play as we continue on this journey to move our chapter forward.

Lastly, I want to thank each and every mother for your commitment.  Our activities could not happen each month without your innovation, energy, effort and time.   I appreciate everything you are doing to collectively provide the best experience possible for our children.

Let’s continue to have an excellent program year.

Yours in Jack and Jill,

Virna Alexander Rhodes


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